Sekhmet the art above is an archrily drawing on wood. 

About Me

Straight from the Great Laboratory of the Universoul Mind. Raw formless substance called imagination is transformed and molded into thoughts and unlimited inspiration mixed with powerful ingredients such as symbols, artistic elements & emotions. Causing a Creative Chemical Reaction of Explosive timeless pieces of Fine Art, Casita’s creativity expands further more than her musical talent, reaching phenomenal artistic boards where Art meets Philosophy. 

It’s another way for her to express her imagination. Her Art triggers and stimulates the individual to work its own imagination, to peek below the surface of Art and find a deeper meaning to it. Art and drawing has always been a passion for Casita, starting off at a very young age, a little toddler with a set of colorful crayons and paper, she’d be good to go for hours until the final touch.

She makes all kinds of Art works using different materials: Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Charcoal drawing, Ink/Pencil Drawing. As she got older she started to develop more of her own style which turned out to be a fusion of abstractionism, 3D, symbolic and sometimes straightforward outspoken pieces of Art and yet still allows you to have your own interpretation.

Casita feels liberated and elevated when drawing, it’s like mediation and an escapement from the moment on. Once she starts working on a new piece of Art, she’ll put all her feel into it and blends in with the moment. It may take days and hours to finish it, the only thought circulating in the back of her mind at that point is: tjhe sky is certainly ‘not the limit.

Tools & Purpose. 

Pencils, paper and an ounce of inspiration will do the magic. She goes with the flow, drawing one line after the other without having a concept, leading to a total piece of art that can be observed from many perspectives, hidden symbols and a story of its own, tho it allows each individual to have its own interpretation.. 


Casita is working on her Art series soon to be exhibited in several countries. Besides that Casita also takes orders, projects to design & create custom made Art for companies, random individuals, tattoo designs, brands and organisations. Her main purpose is to trigger and to deliver a unique piece of art made from the heart

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